General Computer Textfiles: Cyberspace

Description of the Textfile
carlsonv 12882
Virtual Mars, by Shawn Carlson, Ph.D. (January 1st, 1991)
cbrsp-1 6075
The Cyberspace Chronicle #1, by Phardak
cybcraft.txt 110316
An Introduction to Cybercraft, by Mike Morgan
cyber1.txt 5416
Life in a Cyber Age: CyberSpace: A Study of its Future Evolution, Applications and Implications
cybermud.txt 9984
MUDs and Reality (Long Theory) by PHIL (December 16, 1992)
cyberter 32788
OSC: Open System Cyberterm, by Michael Snoswell (May 31, 1992)
delourau.ncr 7976
A Summary of Virtual Environments Research at UNC-Chapel Hill by Mark A. Deloura (December 1992)
farmerge 15384
Cyberspace: Getting There From Here by F. Randall Farmer (March 1990)
highways-of-mind 29609
Highways of the Mind or Toll Roads Between Information Castles? by Roger Karraker (1991)
inkeeping-cyberspace 59634
Cyberspace Innkeeping: Building Online Community by John Coate (1992)
jacobson 24257
Bringing Virtual Worlds to the Real World: Toward a Global Initiative by Dr. Robert Jacobson
joyce-cyberspace 61916
Beyond the Orality/Literacy Dichotomy: James Joyce and the Pre-History of Cyberspace by Donald F. Theall (1992)
lanier.txt 30405
Interview with Jaron Lanier (Omni, January 1991)
leary001.txt 22251
Load & Run High-tech Paganism-Digital Polytheism by Timothy Leary and Eric Gullichsen
maddox.ess 12571
After the Deluge: Cyberpunk in the '80s and '90s by Tom Maddox (July 13, 1992)
pausch5d 22695
Virtual Reality on Five Dollars a Day, by Randy Pausch (April 1991)
pgsa2.txt 8487
Documentation for the Power Glove Serial Adapter II (June 12, 1992)
rheingd.txt 37899
A Slice of Life in my Virtual Community, by Howard Rheingold, June 1992
rightsof.exp 8352
Rights of Expression in Cyberspace: New Questions Emrge about Computer Chrime, by R.E. Baird of the Colorado Daily
snoswell.cyb 32774
Overview of Cyberterm, a Cyberspace Protocol Implementation
vrfirm.txt 3598
Companies that Manufacture VR Systems or Related Components
vrfirst3 75365
Virtual Reality Message Board on Compuserve, November 1991
vrintro.txt 9710
An Introduction to Virtual Reality, by John Egan (November 2, 1991)
walseran.ti- 31890
A De-Facto Anti-Standard for Cyberspace, by Randal Walser of Autodesk, Inc. (September 23, 1992)
walsercy.ber 11734
Elements of a Cyberspace playhouse, by Randal Walser of Autodesk (January 31, 1990)
whatscs.txt 18733
What is Cyberspace? By David Birch
whatsvr.txt 75640
What Is Virtual Reality? A Homebrew Introduction by Jerry Isdale (March 1993)
wolffins 29887
Inside Virtual Reality: The Myth of Transparency and the Myth of Reflection by Jeremy Wolff (June 24, 1990)
yaegerxa.txt 91151
Computational Genetics, Physiology, Metabolism, Neural Systems, Learning, Vision, and Behavior or PolyWorld: Life in a New Context, by Larry Yaeger of Apple Computer

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