Adventure Textfiles: INFOCOM

Every once in a while, a company or group of people enter an industry (or create it) who are so far ahead of everyone else, so absolutely the best at their craft, that others stop even referring to them and just concentrate on doing the best they can compared the rest of the competitors. In this case, the industry was Text Adventures, and the company was Infocom.

Based in Cambridge, MA, and surviving for nearly a decade, Infocom was started by a group of MIT students who had worked on parsing out full sentences and having machines react properly. Whereas most games before infocom had simple commands like TAKE ROCK or LOOK, Infocom games let you work in full sentences, enabling you to type things like ASK THE TROLL ABOUT THE COINS and CLIMB ON TOP OF THE HOUSE. This great interface, combined with the year (or years) of work put into writing the descriptions and creating the puzzles, meant that you were riding on the best text adventure vehicle out there.

Infocom ultimately died as many companies do, with a few fatal business decisions and with a quiet disappearance, only to have its corpse propped up for a series of graphic adventures made by Activision. Regardless of its fate, this company was unique, and in the world of the 80x24 screen, they ruled supreme.

Description of the Textfile
ballyhoo.adv 21376
Solution to Infocom's Ballyhoo
berlynco.adv 37014
Compuserve interview of Michael Berlyn (Creator of several Infocom adventures)
bey_zlor.txt 8653
Beyond Zork: The Lore and Legends of Quendor by Z-Man
beyondzo.txt 9092
Tips for Beyond Zork by Erik Futtrup and Twan Lintermans
beyzorhn 18272
Walkthrough and Spoler for Beyond Zork by Infocom, by Big MAC
bulzorkr.txt 11694
Zorker's Corner: An Overview of Infocom Adventures
bureaucr.adv 15918
Solution to Infocom's Bureaucracy, by Douglas Adams
cutthroa.adv 5655
Solution to Infocom's Cutthroats
enchant.adv 2382
Solution to part one of Enchanter
evertry.txt 2362
Zork I-III Tips and Tricks
evertry2.txt 948
For Your Amusement: Deadline Tips and Tricks
evertry3.txt 1034
For Your Amusement: Infidel Tips and Tricks
evertry4.txt 827
Have You Tried... (Suspended Funnies)
evertry5.txt 1017
Have You Ever Tried.... (Starcross Funnies)
evertry6.txt 2024
Have You Tried... (Witness Funnies) by the Wyvern
funnies.txt 3176
Fun Stuff with Infocom Adventures, by the Wyvern
hitch-h.txt 31991
Walkthrough for Infocom's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
hitchgui.txt 33662
Walkthrough of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy from Infocom, by Barbara Baser (1985) (Laden with "Compuservisms")
infidel.adv 4676
Solution to Infocom's Infidel
infobugs.adv 3930
Infocom Text Adventure Bugs
infocom.adv 1536
How to crack Apple II Infocom adventures using a "ROM Switch".
infocom.txt 6784
A List of Infocom Bugs
leather.adv 26439
Solution to Infocom's Leather Goddesses of Phobos
planet.adv 7923
Solution to Planetfall, by Infocom
rtzsolve.txt 25688
Return To Zork: Almost-Full-Point Solution
starcros.txt 11213
Walkthrough for Starcross
statinfo.txt 1387
General Infocom Statistics by The Gunslinger
stationf.adv 22497
Solution to Infocom's Stationfall
wishbrin.adv 5873
Solution to Infocom's Wishbringer
wishmap.adv 2486
Pretty amazing ASCII Wishbringer map
zork.i.a.txt 4933
How to Solve Zork I: The Great Underground Empire, by Screwy Luey
zork.i.b.txt 2606
Solutions to Zork 1 by Infocom
zork.i.c.txt 14291
Solution to Zork I by Infocom
zork.ii.a.txt 2340
Solution to Zork II by Infocom
zork.ii.b.txt 3915
Solution to Zork II by Infocom
zork.ii.c.txt 11856
Solution to Zork II by Infocom
zork.iii.a.txt 1826
Solution to Zork III by Infocom
zork.iii.b.txt 3421
Solution to Zork III by Infocom
zork.iii.c.txt 11352
Solution to Zork III by InfoCom
zork0.txt 24524
Walkthrough for Zork Zero by Activision
zork1.sol 19571
Collection of Solutions to Zork I, by Infocom
zork1.txt 15395
A Walkthrough for Zork I by Barbara Baser (1984)
zork1doc.txt 12402
"The Great Underground Empire: A History" by Froboz Mumbar
zork1through3.txt 20511
Walkthrough for Zork I through III
zork2.sol 5172
Solution to Zork II, by The Doctor
zork2.txt 19527
A Walkthrough for Zork II by barbara Baser (1984)
zork2doc.txt 15515
Zork II Documentation
zork3.sol 19645
Collection of Solutions to Zork III, by Infocom
zork3.txt 14869
A Walkthrough for Zork III by Barbara Baser (1985)
zork3doc.txt 11533
Zork III Documentation
zorki.txt 23670
A Walkthrough for Zork I
zorkii.txt 23048
A Walkthrough for Zork II
zorkiii.txt 25244
A Walkthrough for Zork III
zorkse.adv 37360
Solutions to all of the Zork Series (I, II, III)
zorkuu.txt 8908
Invisiclues for Zork: The Undiscovered Adventure

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